Stuff That Just Helps

Day-to-day Help.

There are a few items, ideas, and processes on stuff that I have found that helps me in my day-to-day activities. Some of those things are very MS specific. Those items that specifically help me with my MS include: cane, walker, motorized scooter, knee brace, foot orthotics and handicap parking permit. All of these items have had each of their own difficulties to actually realize I DO, in fact, need them and they do help. Almost a situation where, I needed to sallow my pride. The fact that MS is physically affecting my life but once I reflected and took it to heart, they improved my quality of life out and about and within my own home.

There are have been non-MS items or processes that has helped me. Those include always having a stocked pantry, doing a load of laundry when I have enough and not waiting until the weekend, hiring a house cleaner to come twice a month, my Ninja Foodi for quick, and easy meals, and keeping my counters clean. When we were looking to move, we bought a rambler style house. This way if there comes a time, I need to be one level, I can. None of these things by themselves appear to be very time or stress saving but rolled all together it compounds and just makes me life easier.

I have enlisted my husbands and boys to help to make daily life easier for me as well. My husband pulls meat out in the morning to thaw for dinner. My boys keep blankets off the floor and toys out of the living room where I need to walk and move around. They also each have their own small chores to do around the house, that again, are very insignificant, but if I can get it of my plate, decreases stress about so much to do.

There just to be such a stigma to use assistance devices or to just ask for help in general. Like we are less of a person because we perceive ourselves to be a burden or having to admit I CANNOT DO.… It is hard and having MS can make it even harder because it is completely out of your control.

Every day we just need to remind ourselves it is ok. I am not a burden. I am valuable to myself and to those around me. I am loved. It’s ok to ask for help, and even though I may do it differently or it may take longer for me to do; it is ok.


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