How Minimalism Saved my Sanity

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of stuff. Random things everywhere that I just didn’t even know what to do with anymore. I felt like my life was a mess. I couldn’t keep up on the cleaning. I looked all around for different systems that people had to try to keep their life more together than what I had going on. After looking around at podcasts, websites, pinterest. I learned some useful tips on decluttering.

Finding that I don’t need or want all this stuff laying around, for me to put away constantly, was just exhausting to think about. Then we decided to list our house. The flood gates opened.

My husband HATES STUFF. He was super on board. We went through every room every few days and just threw stuff away or donated it. We even had a huge pile of stuff at the end of our driveway. Didn’t even take 24 hours for it all to be gone.

Ever since then we have been mindful of what we buy and bring in to the house. Do we really need X? Do we already have X? If I buy X, is there something I can get rid of. I really try to stick with the one-in-one-out mind set.

I also learned to put cleaning supplies where they are needed! How dumb, right? It has helped SO much. I try to keep a cleaning wipe container in every bathroom. Then there really is no excuse to not clean the mess right away. It was making small changes to my life that has had such large impacts. It has help me to alleviate so much unnecessary stress. It has really helped me to destress my life. Tackling one space at a time was very enlightening also. Not even one room. Maybe a drawer. A cabinet. It doesn’t have to be a huge task. Just start small. It doesn’t need to get cleaned all at once.

A very unexpected, bonus was the fact that by letting go of all these meaningless physical items, it was much easier to let go of my stress. To not dwell on things that I cannot change. There is nothing I can do about my MS. I’m not going to let it be a monkey on my back holding me back from doing what I want or love. It was very freeing. Occasionally, I need to remind myself to take a step back and ask myself “Is this making me happy?”. “Does this serve a purpose in my life?”. “What can I do to make this easier and less taxing?”

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