SAHM to Working full time

In October 2019, I was craving adult interaction. To be able to find myself and who I am besides the stay-at-home-mom role that evolved with children. All though it was very rewarding, I was burnt out, constantly tired, and picking meaningless fights with my husband.

I had found FUMSNOW.COM about a year ago. To be honest, the whole F*&# You MS is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! She has an amazing podcast also that has very useful information. Through this group, I saw that she also had Patient Getting Paid. On here, she is talks about surveys we can do with businesses that pay money. (Yes! I have done and few and gotten paid!!) She also has talked about how to go about finding work being disabled. She has very inspirational guests on the podcasts and review products that are potentially beneficial to people with MS for one ailment or another. She has different guests come on to talk about their stories or to give inside into scoop on one aspect of MS or treatment they have found works best for them. Just another way get information to further research if you so choose.

One day, I decided to reach out on my personal FB and ask friends if anyone knew of any casual, part time work. I had a few people chime in with random jobs that they just needed someone to quickly do whenever it came about. Nothing worked out in the long run.

A gal that I went to high school with, and was a sophomore college roommate of mine, reached out with a casual position in a Health Care system she worked in that sounded like a perfect fit. I submitted my resume. A few weeks later, I had an interview! I was offered the job and was to start the 6-week training program the following month.

The beginning of December 2019, one of my full-time coworkers requested to drop down to part time, leaving a FT position open and needing to be filled. It was never my intention to go FT until my boys were in school, but there was no way, I was going to let this opportunity slip away. My husband and I decided to apply and take the position.

One year later, at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in MN, where everything is shut down for the first time, my husband left the restaurant business due to gradually declining health issues. We have been so very thankful I got this job. It came at just the right time!

My husband has taken on the Mr. Mom role better than I could have ever excepted and his health is slowly rebound. Now, he is working on some marketing gigs with some friends, as well as helping me with al my digital needs with this blog.

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