First Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Jitters

So, you’ve just found out you have MS? Now what? You may, or may not, know someone.

I promise, it is not nearly as scary as you think. But I can reassure you IT IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE. The research for MS has skyrocketed in the past 5 years and is still traveling at light speed. I will try for this blog to be a one stop shop for information for you during this journey. I can guarantee, I will not be able to touch on every topic. The best resource you will find is your Neurologist (Neuro), and General Doctor (GP). As far as googling, please use caution. There are a lot of things that MS can cause, and everyone’s journey is different. How my MS has affected me will be different than every other person.

Joining Facebook groups or finding some podcasts has helped me to get answers or at least has led me to be able to get some additional information on what I may want to research more. The National Society for Multiple Sclerosis has a lot good information as well, which can be overwhelming, but it is a good jumping off point to go down the rabbit hole of information. It’s very important to remember every person with MS has their own version. Their own way of handling it. Their own approach to how they deal with it. Below is a list of sources that I have investigated in the beginning of my MS journey. 

The FUMS Podcast
The MS Gym
Yeg MS
Real talk MS
Facebook Groups:
Mother’s with MS- MWMS
Moms with Multiple Sclerosis

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