My Diagnosis

Thank you for coming to the MS Mom Blog. I'm very excited to begin this journey. Hopefully, with everything I have learned through my journey, I'm able to help (at least a few of you).

My journey started in 2011. I returned home from an Archaeological Graduate Internship in Montana. I was 23, in good physical shaped, from hiking in the Big Horn Mountains, and mapping Teepee Rings. (It was the mot amazing experience of my life; climax of my Curriculum Vitae!) After being home for about a month, I began noticing a weakness in my right hand, almost as if I had slept wrong on it. I shrugged it for a few days, but it didn't go away. After another week or so, I was having trouble standing, because my legs felt weak and tired. I was a smoker at the time. I would take my break outside and sit down. My right knee would ache; I would have difficulty standing back up. At this point, I finally said something to my mom. She called her Chiropractor. I started going there twice a week for what we thought was a pinched nerve.

After I had been getting adjusted twice a week for a few weeks, my mom and chiropractor noticed that I wasn't getting any better. My chiropractor compared the signature from the first credit card slip to the most recent one and confirmed, the signature was no better, in fact, maybe a little worse. She made a few calls. That evening my chiropractor called telling me I needed to go to a hospital in the cities. I drove down to meet my mom and she drove me into the ER. I was given an MRI and admitted later that night. They suspected that I had Multiple Sclerosis. It was something that I was acutely aware of only because my great grandmother had it also.

The next day I had a spinal tap to rule anything else that could be causing the symptoms. We also started a course of IV Sulo-Medrol Steroids. There is was…. I have MS.

Two days later, I was feeling MUCH better. The next day was my 24th birthday. I wanted to leave so I could spend it with my friends and loved ones. Nope. I stayed in the hospital 4 days with one more infusion to do the next day as Outpatient. My family and loved ones came to see my in the Neurological wing of the hospital with gifts and cake! At least it ended bitter sweet.

So there it is. I was lucky enough, if you want to call it that, to get diagnosed right away. There may have been an indication about 1 year prior, but it never clicked. Hindsight is 20/20 right.

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